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Seeking Common Ground is a not-for-profit educational organization
dedicated to exploring, modeling and inspiring
more conscious and restorative ways of life.
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Shimmering Light Farm is an educational small scale ecologically-grown vegetable operation located in South Bristol, NY. We abide by the Farmer's Pledge, a philosophical belief set forth by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY).
Herb Haven is a holistic day program serving women and children who are striving to become self-sufficient.

Our Voices, Our Wisdom book is now available!

The Finger Lakes Farm-to-Cafeteria program is gaining ground, as new institutions join us in an effort to support local farms and serve fresh, seasonal food.
Rochester Permaculture Center (RPC) is dedicated to exploring, modeling, and inspiring more conscious, sustainable, and restorative ways of life through the application of permaculture and other regenerative design techniques and principles.
Lots of Food plants and maps public perennial food forests, reclaiming disused land in Rochester, NY while we plant the seeds of food justice.

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"Hope is not what we seek in evidence, it is what we become in action."       -Frances Moore Lappé

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